for more cool ankle tattoo designs - Click Here!Ankle tattoo designs are often popular with women because they are typically very small and feminine types of tattoos. Men for the most part do not get the smaller types of tattoos and when they do they usually choose a place where it is going to be seen. With women the ankle is also seen and shown off much more than it is with men. Put simply, the ankle is a sexy place to get a tattoo.

A popular ankle tattoo design is that of a flower. Flowers can be designed very simply and small yet very beautifully and feminine. Some women will choose to have the stem of the flower either travel down their foot or have it wrap around their ankle. The rose is overwhelmingly popular only because it is known as a symbol of love and has also taken the connotation of being a very feminine type of flower.

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Another popular ankle tattoo design is a butterfly or a fairy. These are very feminine and colorful tattoos which make them sought after. Women tend to like the more colorful tattoos because they stand out more and they are often more whimsical and elegant. They are also easily personalized with the ability to make them as serious or as cartoonish or as colorful as one would like.

Sayings and symbols are also very popular on the ankle. Many women will choose to get the name of someone special on their ankle or a word or phrase that is important to them. Some ankle tattoo designs will have the same idea but done in a different language, such as using Japanese kanji. These are often embellished with swirls or vines as well. Another classic and elegant design for the ankle for a female is an anklet style chain design.

There are some types of ankle tattoos that are popular with men. It is one of the popular places to get a robot or a terminator type of tattoo (where it appears like the skin has been ripped off and machine parts are exposed underneath). But the majority of tattoos that men get on their ankles will extend further up the leg and become more of a full leg tattoo than a true ankle tattoo design. A tribal tattoo that wraps around the lower leg is a great idea here.

Ankle tattoo designs can be just about anything. The only important thing to note is that unless you decide to have the tattoo travel up your leg (or down your foot) the tattoo can only have so much detail. Colorful designs have to be limited to large and simple shapes (like hearts, stars or flowers) and designs that are a little more intricate will usually be done in one color (like animal silhouettes, and detailed crosses). Some ankle tattoo designs will wrap all the way around the ankle and others will simply be one design right on the ankle. The choice depends on the style of the design chosen and how much detail the person wants to incorporate.

There are a few celebrities who have chosen to tattoo their ankles including Tatum O’Neal who choose to get an ankle bracelet tattoo and Christina Ricci who has a mermaid tattooed on her ankle. Denise Richards had “Charlie” tattooed on the outside of her ankle but later decided to get it covered up with a winged Angel. Sarah Michelle Gellar chose her ankle as the perfect place to tattoo the Tao symbol for patience. Finally Nicole Richie has famously got a Cross attached to rosary beads on her ankle in a very simple yet artistic design.

There are no real limits to what an ankle tattoo design can be, so be creative!